Here comes the website!
Written by Xanix
12th June 2024


I’m Xanix, and with Pikalex04 and other members, we decided to create a website dedicated to Mario Kart DS and its community!

This website aims to complete the community experience focused on Mario Kart DS and everything that surrounds this video game.

Although this website is for the moment only little developed, it is planned to welcome new features, such as a panel of resources, organized and clear grouping of MKDS mods rankings, tournament organizations, etc.

Of course, I’m only talking about examples, many other additions can be added! It is only a matter of time (and motivation of yours truly) so that these features can see the light of day.

For now, this homepage will allow you to view all the important upcoming events as well as the most recent world records.

We have devoted a lot of attention and rigor so that this website can come into the world, we hope that you will like it, and throughout its development through time.

While waiting for the next news (which should arrive soon!), I wish you a pleasant day!

See you soon karters!

Latest World Records
GCN Luigi Circuit Flap
2024-07-12 Set by Taiga with the Poltergust 4000.